O Charleys Allergen Menu

O Charleys Allergen Menu

O'Charley's offers a limited selection of dairy-free options on their menu. For appetizers, the Crispy Pickle Chips are an option, but they contain egg and gluten. Entrees such as the Top Sirloin and Baby Back Ribs can be ordered without any sides. All sandwiches and burgers typically come with cheese, so they must be ordered without it. The California Chicken Salad can be ordered without cheese or pecans. Unfortunately, all soups contain dairy, so they are not an option. The Baked Potato without any toppings is a dairy-free side option. The only dairy-free dessert is the Apple Cobbler without ice cream, but it contains egg and gluten. A Kids Hamburger without any sides can also be ordered dairy-free, but it contains gluten.

Certainly, here is an O'Charley's Dairy-Free Menu Guide with Custom Order & Allergen Options:

Appetizers: O'Charley's Crispy Pickle Chips contain egg and gluten.

Entrees: The Top Sirloin and Baby Back Ribs are both dairy-free, but customers should be mindful when selecting sides.

Sandwiches: All burgers and sandwiches at O'Charley's come with cheese, so customers should request that the cheese be removed.

Salads: The California Chicken Salad can be ordered without cheese or pecans.

Soups: Customers should inquire about specific soups and their dairy content with restaurant staff.

Sides: The plain Baked Potato is a suitable dairy-free option.

Kids Menu: The Kid's Hamburger does contain gluten, but no dairy.

Desserts: The Apple Cobbler can be ordered without ice cream, but it does contain egg and gluten.

Customers with allergies or dietary restrictions are encouraged to inform restaurant staff and to ask any additional questions to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Is o'charley's allergen information accurate?

O'Charley's has strived to provide accurate allergen information for their menu items, but due to the nature of their handcrafted dishes, kitchen procedures, and reliance on suppliers, they cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and disclaim liability for its use.

Is o'charley's a good restaurant?

O'Charley's is a casual dining restaurant chain founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1971. It offers Southern staples made from fresh ingredients, great customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. It currently has over 200 locations in 17 states across the United States.

Is O'Charleys vegetarian?

O'Charleys menu is mainly centered around protein-based entrees, which may not be suitable for vegetarians. However, they do offer some appetizers and sides that are vegetarian-friendly, and vegetables can also be added to meals.

What are the new salmon entrées at o'charley's?

O'Charley's has introduced two new salmon entrees on their menu - the Bayou Salmon and another dish with no specific name mentioned. The Bayou Salmon consists of a 9-ounce salmon fillet seasoned with Cajun spices, served on a bed of rice and topped with shrimp and Cajun cream sauce-tossed vegetables, priced at $18.99 and comes with one side. The other salmon dish is not described in detail. O'Charley's is offering a discount of 20% off coupons and specials for the month of June 2021.

What is on o'charley's menu?

O'Charley's offers an extensive menu of American casual dining items, including sandwiches, burgers, soups, seafood, salads, starters, chicken, pasta, steaks, ribs, a la carte, desserts, and beverages.

How to find o'charley's prices?

To find O'Charley's prices, visit their official website or check on any food delivery app for an accurate menu with prices. They offer a variety of items such as chicken tenders, steaks, salmon, ribs, soups, salads, burgers, and more.

When was o'charley's opened?

O'Charley's was founded in 1971 by Charley Watkins in Nashville, Tennessee and was later sold to David K. Wachtel in 1984. The first restaurant was opened in Nashville, with a later expansion in 1987 to Lexington, Kentucky.

The restaurant O'Charley's offers a diverse menu of southern style food with excellent service. The salmon, catfish, and Mac & Cheese were very good. The reviewer was impressed and plans to return.

Where is o'charley's restaurant & bar?

O'Charley's is a casual sit-down restaurant chain that serves affordable American food like burgers, chicken, and fish. The chain is located in the Southern United States and Midwest regions of the country.

How much does it cost to open o'charley's franchise?

To open a franchise of O'Charley's, you need a minimum franchise fee of $50,000, a liquid capital of $1,000,000, and a net worth of $3,000,000. The opening hours of O'Charley's are currently unknown. You can check the O'Charley's menu and prices on the Everymenuprices website.

Is o'charley's soup healthy?

The O'Charley's signature soup with a broth base is a reasonable meal starter on a chilly day, providing a moderate amount of calories. Although slightly high in sodium, it is still reasonable compared to other restaurant soups.

Does o'charley's give discounts to veterans?

O'Charley's offers a 10 percent discount to veterans throughout the year and supports foundations that benefit America's veterans. Their annual "Give $5, Get $5" fundraiser is also a contribution to veterans.

Two salmon dishes are offered: Cedar Plank Salmon, a 9oz. Atlantic salmon fillet seasoned with lemon pepper, served on a cedar plank accompanied by two sides, and the Teriyaki Salmon Bowl, a grilled salmon fillet on rice pilaf with fruit salsa and teriyaki glaze.

Does o'charley's have a menu?

Yes, O'Charley's has a menu that may vary slightly based on the nearest location. The prices are subject to change and may be different in different locations. For accurate prices, one can check the menu from the nearest O'Charley's outlet or any other food delivery app. The menu was last updated on January 1st, 2023.

What is the most expensive item at o'charley's?

The most expensive item on the O'Charley's menu is the Ribs and Tenders Combo Platter, which is priced at $68.32.

How much are baby back ribs at o'charley's?

O'Charley's offers a Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Tenders combo for $13.99 per person, which comes with half-portion of Baby Back Ribs and double-hand breaded Chicken Tenders, served with smashed potatoes and an additional side. While the menu prices for baby back ribs alone are not specified.

How do I obtain current o'charley's pricing?

To obtain current pricing for O'Charley's restaurant, customers should contact the individual business location of interest. The chain is known to offer affordable prices for their delicious foods.

O'Charley's provides vegetarian options, and customers can find more information about their vegetarian menu on their customer service page or website.

Is O'Charley's vegan?

O'Charley's does not offer any vegan entrees, but they have some vegan side items available.

O'Charley's menu items may contain one or more allergens. The restaurant has taken necessary steps to ensure that the allergen information provided is accurate.

Is O'Charley's as tasty as it seems?

O'Charley's strives to provide high-quality, appetizing food for our guests. We take pride in our menu items, and our chefs work diligently to ensure that our dishes are prepared with the utmost care and attention. While taste is subjective and individual preferences may vary, we remain committed to providing our guests with a delightful dining experience.

What is a barley allergy?

A barley allergy is a negative immune system reaction to barley or food containing barley, which leads to the production of IgE and histamine in response to contact with the allergen.

Are You Barley Intolerance?

Can you identify if you are experiencing barley intolerance by recognizing unfavorable indications after consuming barley or foods containing barley? Barley intolerance can be classified either as digestive tract or immune intolerance.

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